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Blast From The Past!!

September 28, 2012

This may piss a few of you off but there is something, I see on the road all too often that upsets me. Why do people feel the need to place a “Family” sticker on the back of their SUV’s and mini vans? You know you have seen these damn things; they have usually depict a man, woman, kids, dogs, cats, birds etc. I for one am sick of these things, what makes you think the whole world needs to see what you’re packing into a Tahoe? Nobody cares if little Billy was the “best colorer” in is class or if he made the Honor Roll, except you. Family stickers and school stickers–no excuse. They are usually the domain of self-satisfied Gen X women who drive 4 wheel drives, can’t park and want us all to know their kids are in private schools. Here’s a business idea for you entrepreneurs out there, make some stickers for the non family man. Your sticker line on the back of your SUV could have images of like say beer bottles, porn collections, dollar bill signs, illegitimate kids, ex-wives, mistresses, and handguns. Maybe a sticker with two fat lesbian chicks holding hands and skipping to TJ Maxx, I don’t know be creative America. You can let the world know where you are at with a visual representation. Really and truly I am against anyone that puts more than two stickers on their car or bumper. Cars cost a shit-ton, why would you deface it with a sticker? You remember the last time you saw a sticker on a Corvette or a R.Royce? Be a good family man or women, take care of your kids but please stop running these lame ass stickers on your car…the revolution starts now.


From → Really? Really?

  1. 🙂 I swear, you are my husband’s twin!

  2. Maddie, you must laugh a lot! Love it! I have been working my abs here laughing so hard!

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