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Get It Off Your Chest

September 25, 2012

So what drives you nuts? What makes you go crazy?

Everyone is different but there are some universal truths in this world. So tonight it’s time for me to vent on the race of douche-heads that continue to push the envelope. To call out these behaviors in an attempt to keep many people from receiving the random pimp slap. So if you partake in these actions/activities, you may wanna cool the shit.

These are some of the things that drive me crazy as shit. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know, how you feel about some of these. I think it will do us all some good to get a little rage of our chests.

  1. Don’t state the obvious! If it happens to be raining outside…never ask me “Is it raining outside”?
  2. Folks that feel the need to back into every damn parking spot, no matter the location…please kiss my ass!
  3. Stop blaming your situation on anyone in politics. Guess what you have the power to make changes;)
  4. For the love of God, please stop taking pictures of your food and then posting that picture on Facebook.
  5. Please quit using your kids as an excuse for everything. You can go to the movies, you can put on makeup, you can fix your hair, you can make time.
  6. Stop waiting till the last-minute to get on or off merging lanes while driving.
  7. People who stand in the middle of an aisle, bent over to inspect a can of screamin dill pickle pringles. I have to squeeze past your big ass that’s straining the seams of your Lee jeans, thanks but no thanks.
  8. Stop trying to buy shit you cannot afford…no one else really cares.
  9. Speed your ass up at the drink machine! This should be a 30 second drill tops.
  10. If you go slow, stay the hell outta the fast lane while driving.


So those are just a few of mine, trust me I have tons. Please fell free to call someone out!




From → DR.Mike

  1. You know, I was taking photos of all the toilets in Japan when I went two years ago. My mom was always wondering what was wrong with me and why I took so long in the toilet. But it really was pretty cool the toilets. I did a post a while back.

    I take photos of my food too. But I do it because I love the presentation.

    AAAARGH!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniff*

    You should take pictures of the Lee jeans you’re trying to pass in the check out. And just as you’re passing by so that they can see the flash and wonder if there’s lightning in the store.

    And then post those to FB. That’d be kind of cool. Hee.

    • The food pics are ok! I should have went into more deatil and busted out these jack ass people who feel the need to present their Applebees chicken fingaz basket on a weekly basis;) I will look for your post…intresting life fact! I once worked at a local plumbing store and we sold toilets in a showroom. One day a little tike strolled in and took a shit in the showroom jon…ahh the memories.

      • That is hilarious! Well, at least he made it to the toilet. Got one thing right…..But seriously, toilets in Japan are just seriously mental. I looked like a frickin’ tourist but I didn’t care! How many times are you going to see a toilet that has controlled heating in the seat as well as canceling sound effects?

        Yeah, there are only so many times I need to see a chicken finger. I do remember what they look like. Don’t need a reminder. Hee. Mike, you need to take pictures of THOSE people who are taking pictures of their food.

  2. Your #10 is a #1 for me!! I just spent an hour round trip to my mother’s on the interstate, and I am so sick and tired of people parking in the fast lane – or even the third lane to the left – and going 65 when I need to be going 75 or 80!!! Give me a break people!!! Of course you can never get around them. Sigh. … Thanks, Mike. I feel better. At least until 6:00 when I have to do it all over again!

    • I TOTALLY understand your pain. I have a 30 min drive to work everyday and this stuff drives my ass nuts…the craziest thing is it’s the same cars every time.

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