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Man Vs Animal

September 23, 2012

For the record, I generally support laziness on Sundays. To me it’s kind of the one cheat day where you can spend the whole day watching movies or football. So today is most likely going to be a cheat day for me. Why do I need a cheat day you ask? I was at Music Midtown in Atlanta jamming with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Florence and The Machine, T.I. and Luda! So I would really like to  apologize to my tens of fans for being off the grid the last few days.  So today is probably gonna be a lazy/rehab day…lol.

Speaking of my second favorite topic behind music, who does not like a good man vs animal fight? I mean, lets cut the shit here shall we? Man vs animal is a timeless fight of survival as old as Christmas. I am not talking about all the pussy hunters who use frag grenades and sub machine guns to shoot killer ducks..Ohh No! I am talking about a man vs beast in  duel to the death. So in honor of that, I present my 2012 Man VS Animal Awards. Here are the highly debated list of nominees, leave me a comment and let me know your winner.

Man Vs Animal Best Fights

1. Quint vs Jaws – Jaws

2. Ted vs Puffer the dog – Something About Mary

3. The Knights Of The Holy Grail vs The Rabbit –  Monty Python

4. Donna Truman vs Cujo – Cujo

5. Steve Zahn vs Racoon – Saving Silverman

6. Mac vs Wild Pig – Predator

7. Ice Cube vs Anaconda – Anaconda

8. Pitt vs Bear – Legends of The Fall

9. Ace Ventura vs Croc – Ace Ventura Part 2

10. Liam Neeson vs Wolves – The Grey

Honorable Mention:

Happy Gillmore vs Croc – Happy Gillmore

Mongo vs Horse – Blazing Saddles



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  1. 🙂 Good list, Mike. I watched the rabbit attack and had to run to YouTube to look up the Black Knight for an additional laugh albeit not animal. Thanks!

  2. You know, the only scene I remember really vividly was from “Anaconda” when JLo was climbing up the water tower and all I kept thinking throughout that scene was “Frickin’ Ice Cube is yelling commands like he’s a coach at a Little League practice. I was about to suggest “The Blob” but that wasn’t an animal….

    • I think ice cube called the snake a bitch…which for the record may have been the first time in cinematic history a snake was called a bitch. Typically folks always call snakes assholes, thank you Mr.Cube:) check some of the others out, good stuff there!

      • I think I saw “Jaws” a very long time ago and it really put me off going into ANY body of water. That is, until I got into triathlons and started doing open water swims.

        A snake is a bitch….well, you’ve got to give him some credit: a bitch is technically a sex type in most animal species. An asshole is just a body part. Or some would say “tool”.

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