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The X-Factor TV Made For Perverts

September 19, 2012

So this evenings post is sure to offend my tens of fans, but I am just gonna come real with my opinion on the  X-Factor, The Voice, and American Idol. These shows are made for perverts, that’s right perverts! Let me explain. I don’t believe in watching most of the talentless “musicians” 3 nights a weeks. I would prefer to just go to the local nursing home and listen to the seniors sing karaoke. All of these shows seem to feature kids from the ages of 13-17 almost exclusively. These teens tend to dress like low wage prostitutes who attempt to eye f*ck older creepy rich judges.  Young girls acting shy and coy one minute then they transform into a porn star the next. Boys with skinny jeans and their bird chests hanging out, parading on stage like a damn miniature show pony. I can only imagine that Jerry Sandusky is watching this shit in prison as we speak. Grown GD people actually taking the time to vote or go to a 13 year olds Facebook page to click like is just weird as shit to me…and that’s if they like you. The alternative is an adult just ripping the shit outta of a kid. Adults bitching that these kids sucked on stage and that their performances were sub par, the shit just trips me out. I mean these shows play on every stereotype imaginable such as; the country boy, the gay boy, the reckless young spirit, the outcast looking for redemption and the list goes on and on. Please don’t be fooled these shows are as staged as WWE Wrestling.

Some of these producers have built their names based on turning some pop idols 15 minutes into big money. Check out Brittney Spears, she seems to have her shit together at the moment but she did go bat shit crazy not to long ago. Same with X-Tina or the lifelong divorcee J-Lo.  Demi Levotto is the youngest of the bunch and this kid has already considered suicide over her weight issues in the past. I mean we can’t have fat kid idols can we? All these stars were kid idols who fell off the wagon. This is what happens when these leach parents whore the hell outta there kid for a buck. You send a young man to perform in front of a National TV audience before he even develops pubs and the kid just cracks under the heat.

I know, I am in the minority on this one. Hell, I even admit to being a music snob. All I ask is that you make the choice to like these shows, Don’t Be A Sheep! That is the Word!!!!

Example A…Simon’s face at 3:56 Bingo


From → DR.Mike

  1. Thank God I don’t have a TV.

  2. You know, what is a tad disturbing is that hair-flick thing she did while Mom and Dad stand off stage. I don’t know if her voice would have sounded better live. If so, the recording didn’t do her justice. I listened to the original version by Grace Potter. How did I never hear of this woman before? She’s like a cross between glam rock and Melissa Etheridge!

  3. The adults judging and stalking these kids is fucking disturbing. All year long I hear grown ass people talking about these kinds on Idol, X-Factor and all the other shows like they are the straight shit. They are children people!

    • Thanks for reading NIck, sorry it took so long to reply.I was 1/2 drunk watching Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters this weekend;) I could not agree more, I have seen 40+ year olds mocking and saying some hateful shit about these kids. “She sucks” or “He is a loser” and the poor kid is the same age as their kid. Strange times my friend…thanks for stopping in!

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