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Stuff You Only See At Wal-Mart

September 17, 2012

So anyone who knows me, knows I pretty much hate the shit outta Wal-Mart. I am sorry, I don’t like them. If you need another reason here’s one:

A manager at Wal-Mart’s Pembroke Pines, Florida., store barred a choir made up of 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds from singing “God Bless America” inside the store Tuesday, the anniversary of the  Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to their school principal. The manager said the children were a “liability” and then called police to remove them from the property. Don’t worry Wal-Mart later apologized and gave all the kids a my bad via press release.

That’s not what tonight’s post is about…Ohh No!

Just because I have not been inside a Wal-Mart for over 5 years. That’s right I am 5 years clean! I do know the deal and in my brief experience at Wal-Mart, I have seen some shit let me tell you. So tonight here are some things, you will only find at Wal-Mart. Leave a comment and let me know what kind of craziness you have been witness to.

  1. A 96 ounce bottle of Pace Picante Salsa for $2.95.
  2. People buying Trojan Lube Kits and a DVD copy of Masters Of The Universe.
  3. 4XXL T-shirts or as I call them twin sized comforters.
  4. Nascar hats by the boatloads.
  5. Women shopping in aMickey Mouse bath robes.
  6. Every cashier with a NFL brace on their wrist to avoid injury.
  7. Camouflage family picture day.
  8. Fat kids forced to ride in the cripple cart.
  9. 78 count packs of toilet paper.
  10. People bitching how they hate coming here.
  11. Surprised faces at the length of the lines.
  12. Michael Bolton’s Greatest hits CD.
  13. A porn paperback book section for seniors.
  14. A Miller-Lite long-sleeved dress shirt.
  15. Alabama Crimson Tide dress socks.
  16. Your Pick, have fun with it;)

Thanks for reading, I know this is a pretty random ass post…I will do better tomorrow!


From → Really? Really?

  1. A woman and man trying to return a bouquet of CUT FLOWERS. … But I am number 10. Our Walmart was remodeled, and I can’t find anything in there. Every time I have to ask an employee where something is, I tell them how much I hate the store. Last week I was stuck at the jewelry counter waiting to get a watch band. I finally CALLED THE STORE and asked them to send a clerk to assist me. Crikey, Walmart makes me crazy.

    • Yeah it’s an exercise in futility some days:) thanks so much for stopping by and posting a comment. The video is funny you should check it out!

  2. I think you don’t know the meaning of trashy until you go into a WalMart. In Mexico, it is that bad yet but I have a feeling it’ll get there, tramp-stamps and all. That colostomy bag at the end was just vomit-worthy.

    And speaking of porn paperbacks for seniors, I was in a used bookstore in Mexico City once and they had a copy, in English, of erotic writing from the 50s. There was a disclaimer on the inner cover that said that the book could only be read by 50 year old men and older, white and single (if I remember correctly, I think they even mentioned Protestant). I wish I had bought the book. It was some really terrible erotic writing about a guy who does a lot of other menfolk. I read one page and thought, “the guy who wrote this has NO idea about sex whatsoever!” It was pathetic really.

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