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5 Friends Every Guy Needs

September 10, 2012

I stole this idea from a fellow blogger who recently posted about 5 type of friends every girl needs. Of course her post was elegant, thoughtful, smart and heartfelt with regards to her friends….You won’t find that here;) The Word believes in truth with humor, so here is my attempt at the 5 friends every guy needs.

  1. The Beer DrinkerWARNING too many beer drinker friends can be a bad thing, so limit your count! Most guys need a friend or two, who is more than happy to throw back a few cold ones and shoot the shit for hours. They need to have a little hell-raiser in them, but not to the extreme. Believe me, this can be a fine line. The Beer Drinker friend is essential for multiple sport seasons and inappropriate events.
  2. Mr. I Fix Shit…It’s always good to have friends that know a trade or have speciality skills. A man needs a friend he can swap out favors with. So go make friends with these guys in this order: A mechanic, bartender, carpenter, HVAC man, plumber, electrician, and finally a banker.
  3. The Chick Magnet…It’s always a necessity to have a guy friend who actually has the skills and experience to pick up women. A man who has mastered the game if you will. He should be mastered in wingman skills and have a doctorate in shit talking.
  4. The Judge…Every guy needs a friend that will be brutally honest with him, a real no shit kinda guy. If you happen to be at the bar and The Judge  tells you he thinks the girl you’re making eyes at is really a man…heed The Judge’s word before you make a foolish move.
  5. The Utility Infielder…This is the do it all friend that would actually bail your ass outta jail. This friend will not have sex with your ex, steal your shit, or skip out on a loan. You can count on this joker to help with almost any issue.

So that’s my list. I guess, I consider myself to be a combination of number 1 and 5. Leave me a comment and let me know which categories you fall into. If you do not have any friends, it’s never too late to stop being an asshole.


From → DR.Mike

  1. karen permalink

    I am and forever will be your 1, 4, and 5. Word.

  2. I don’t like beer (with the exception of Guiness), I can fix a hat or a fascinator, I can attract a chick sometimes (not really in my best interest), I am very good Judge and if you are a blood brother, I will walk through hell and back for you.

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