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Sons Of Anarchy New Season

September 9, 2012

Sons Of Anarchy is the best show on TV and if you have not been watching…you’re missing out big time! I have not missed an episode since the show first aired 4 seasons ago. The premiere is this Tuesday night and I am excited for Season 5. This post may confuse some of you, if you don’t really follow the show. So let me apologize, if this post does not hit home in any way. For those of us who do, tonight I will provide a show “roadmap” according to The Word!

These are just some things that I would like to see happen on the show. I am sure after show creator Kurt Sutter(Otto) reads my suggestions, my daily 8-5 will cease to exist. I will most likely be flown to Hollywood and develop a cult like following from local area biker chicks. So if you watch the show, let me know what you would like to see happen. WARNING these are not spoilers;)

  • Clay will be forced to carry an oxygen tank and ride in John Teller’s old 70’s pimp wagon to Piney’s funeral.
  • Jax’s and Opie will take the club in a new direction by opening the first Panera Bread in Charming…hey the club has to eat.
  • Otto will finally get to have sex with one of the left over Lou Ann sex dolls, I mean the guy has suffered enough.
  • Bobby Elvis will ditch the Elvis routine and embrace his inner Captain Morgan…becoming Bobby Morgan The Booty Bandit!
  • Tara will start to show a little more skin and embrace her inner old lady.
  • Jax will pick on Clay by turning the oxygen tank dial-up or down at random times, just for a comic relief.
  • Leroy will avenge his girls death by shooting Tigg with a Tech 9 at the same place he killed Donna. To pour salt in the wound, I would have Opie run him over with a SOA golf cart.
  • Gemma will be forced to move into a nursing home, creating the a new spin-off called Wheels Of Steel.
  • Jax will start sporting “Jorts” or jean shorts in the summer months.
  • Opie will let his beard grow into full ZZ top style.
  • I would bring in Jax’s long thought to dead brother back to life! They would have been estranged for their whole lives, and the missing brother would be the Marlboro Man.
  • Juice would learn to embrace his inner black man and join forces with Leroy to plan Tigg’s execution.


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  1. I can’t read this post bc I didn’t watch season 4 yet, I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD!!!! But I have to say this and justified are my two favorite shows!!! I went thru all three seasons in 3 days!!! LOVE LOVE LOVe that show!

    • Man season 4 was awesome, you gotta see it! Don’t worry there are not any real spoilers in the post…lol. I can tell you that this season looks to be awesome, you have great taste!!!! Thanks for stopping by as always, talk to you soon:)

  2. karen permalink

    Song is epic…no words. I might have to start watching….

  3. You really should, some good beards here Falcon!

  4. You are making me desire a television, which I do not have, but I see I can purchase a season on DVD…

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