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MTV Music Awards 2012

September 5, 2012

Anyone besides me remember when the MTV Music Awards were actually good? Before the days of C-list Twilight talent dominating the awards show? Well don’t get your hopes up this year, because chances are it’s just more of the same. I did however, do some pre-scouting for this Sunday night’s show and here are the highlights. I will not be watching! I will be watching Mr.Rubberneck himself Peyton Manning on Sunday Night Football…so I will go ahead and send my congrats to Katy Perry for video of the year. She frequents the blog and I would hate to leave her out;)

Here’s what you will get to see if you watch…oh boy

  1. 2 Chainz will be performing in a non-coherent manner with a ton of bleeps. I still think, I like his old name better Titty Boi! I consider myself a Titty man so me and Mr.Chainz would get along just fine.
  2. The Twilight Premiere…if you are over 30 and watch the show for this, YOU need help!
  3. Lil Wayne will once again take the stage to show us his expensive underwear and gold tooth.
  4. Nikki Minaj will unfortunately not be showing us her underwear but she will perform. Be prepared for big smiles, big asses, and a performance that will attempt to sustain her 15 minutes of fame.
  5. Kevin Hart will be the host, so I expect big laughs but even he can’t save this train wreck.
  6. Green Day will once again be performing a new/forgettable song.
  7. Pink will take the stage…ok, this maybe good!
  8. Expect every winner to thank the “Lord and whatever”.
  9. Expect that dude Sway to have that stupid ass towel hat on.
  10. Expect The Jersey Shore cast to give out multiple awards.
  11. Don’t forget watch;)

Leave a comment will you be watching or do you prefer to just be alone in a dark room over the MTV Music Awards?



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  1. tmflew permalink

    The show was lame lol. Couple of good performances, that’s it. Kevin Hart was funny but you are right he couldn’t save the train wreck.

  2. I believe this may be one of the reasons I don’t watch TV anymore……

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