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The Drive By

September 1, 2012

This one may burn a few of you, especially if you live in the South. I cannot speak for the rest of the U.S but I am told that laziness is pretty much a coast to coast type thing. How GD lazy are that you cannot even maintain the daily walk to the mailbox? I see this shit all the time and it drives me nuts!

Let me break it down for you. I am driving behind you in any random neighborhood/backroad…you then stop or drift into the wrong lane. I then say to myself, “What the hell is this guy doing”? I assume you maybe having car trouble, maybe there is something wrong, should I attempt to pass, should I help, what the hell should I do? Only to find out that you’re one of those lazy bastards who does not feel the need to walk to their mailbox.  You must be one of the “smart ones” who has figured out that you can achieve drive-by mail service. You are one of those people, who could give a shit about your fellow-man or what people think. You have figured out how to save 45 steps a day and 75 seconds of effort. Gimme a damn break, get off your ass and walk to the mailbox. I can honestly say that I have never driven to my mailbox in my life.

The people who do this type shit, don’t live on farms. These people usually live in the suburbs with a 1/2 acre lot…you got no excuses padre. Unless you live on an estate or have a shattered hip…walk! I swear my neighbor ran off into the ditch a few months back, just because they wanted to take the easy way out. 75 bucks and some big time embarrassment later…they still have not learned and continue to drive to the mailbox. Somewhere a guy has knocked off a side mirror off a 7 series BMW, all because they were lazy as shit. Maybe I will start a business where I can charge you money, to go pickup your mail for you. So to the minivan who pulled this shit on me today, this post was for you. I would e-mail you the post but chances are you make the dog login to your inbox…just another way to save wear and tear on your index finger. My index finger is shaky but my middle finger is strong. So I am giving the finger, to lazy bastards who drive to the mailbox.!

That is The Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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