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Welcome To The Club!

August 31, 2012

Pardon me Garcon but I think, I will have the lobster bisque!

Is it just me or have most fast food restaurant’s decor turned into something you would see on a high-end porno set?

The “modern” McDonald’s and BK Lounge  for those who don’t know, now look like a mid-town apartment in New York City. It’s only fitting really because nothing says high-end class like a 20 piece nugget and a 78oz beverage…if you think about it. I am convinced if you took out the kitchen, put up some lights and added a few poles in the BK Lounge it could easily be transformed  into strip club! Throw in a DJ, play some Motley Crue and we got a show.

I happened to visit the local Mc Donald’s today for lunch with my sister and the decor is almost laughable. They have yellow leather padded chairs that look like ottomans, for patrons to sit on. They have like a pseudo stainless steel table tops and bright ass tiles all over the place. The lighting is straight porno-set, I am sorry folks but it’s true. If you have lighting fixtures that look like they could double as sex toys…you have porno lights;) Maybe the BK Lounge will be the first to innovate a digital pepper shaker. Hopefully in the near future they will offer cigars and bottles of Crown, to accompany my Big Mac. I personally would like bouncer at the door who either approves or disapproves of the dress code. Please keep in mind I live in Alabama…lol. I am all for turning away a dude that wears only overalls and flip-flops to the BK Lounge.

You may ask why are you  bitching, who cares?

My suggestion is that they save the millions of dollars it takes to renovate a building every 5 years, just to keep up with the times. You take that money and give it to the employees who have to work like dogs, and are generally looked down upon by most patrons as just dumbass people with no education. Call me old school, but you know what would be awesome? A fast food place that has happy employees, fresh food, working ketchup pony kegs, employee benefits, and the ability to give customers complementary sauces. Healthier flood choices that do not have the worst shit in the world packed into them. Quality facilities that send my cow into the afterlife with actual standards. Keep the Liberator furniture and disco porn tunes…That is the Word!

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