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Best 80’s Teenage Movie

August 29, 2012

So I was just a kid in the 80’s. I did not get the chance to see hardly any of the movies on my list in the actual theater. Fortunately for my tens of fans I had HBO and a lot of free time back in those days to catch up. Since the 80’s seem to be back in a huge way these days, with everything from fashion to movie re-do’s…time for a Top 10 list. Let’s be honest not all 80’s teenage movie’s were created equal, there are a ton of stinkers. Along with the trash, the 80’s had some serious keepers! This is my stab at the best 80’s Teenage Movies of all time.

Leave me a comment let me know where your favorites fall, or if I just left them off completely.


  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  2. The Breakfast Club
  3. Footloose
  4. Karate Kid
  5. Goonies
  6. Pretty In Pink
  7. Heather’s
  8. Weird Science
  9. License  To Drive
  10. Red Dawn

Honorable Mention:

Say Anything, Some Kind Of Wonderful, 16 Candles, Teen Wolf, Risky Business, Lost Boys



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  1. I was born in 1986 but I have seen all those movies you’ve listed… But fast times at ridgemont high, valley girl, and bye bye love should he mentioned here as well. Good post. I might share this with some hipster friends of mine. Hahahahahah

  2. Bryan permalink

    Creepshow comes to mind. Also some of the early Nightmare on Elm Street movies! I was a big hotter movie fan back then.

  3. Good list! I loved The Goonies. In our house, yelling “Hey you guys!!” is just part of living here.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment! Yeah ole one eyed Willie and the a young Rudy make this a true classic. My favorite scene is the wishing well scene;)

  4. I was born in 1987 – but my town has flashback movies in theaters every wednesday for a discounted price. I’ve been lucky enough to see about half of those mentioned on the big screen! Great list 🙂

    • Awesome, yeah we gotta keep the classic 80’s stuff going on! After I made the list totally forgot the movie “One of the guys”…check that 1 out 😉

  5. karen permalink

    Where is “Better Off Dead” in this list? So many iconic scenes…the K2, Howard Cosell, 2 Dollars and the creepy next door neighbors. I think there should be a re-vote….

    • Solid choice Falcon, I did always want a Foreign girl to build me a muscle car in like 2 days…it will be added to honorable mention. In the interest of integrity I had to leave off Bill and Ted, but it hurt me:(

  6. lynxfish permalink

    Weird Science and Red Dawn…2 of my all time favorites!

    How about Val Kilmer in Top Secret!

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