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LIVESTRONG – Why Lance Why?

August 25, 2012

Do you remember watching Lance Armstrong win his record 7 Tour de France races in the early 2000’s?…neither do I. Has anyone besides an avid cyclist EVER watched a bike race?…lol. As I am sure all you fine people know by now, Lance will be stripped of all his racing accolades due to doping allegations.

That is not what this blog post is about:0

This post is about the nasty ass rot gut juice that Team Livestrong promotes called FRS. In my mind FRS stands for F-ing Rotten Shit, because that is absolutely what it tastes like. The drink contains Quercetin a super secret all- powerful, all-natural antioxidant that is actually extracted from bird shit. The Quercetin is then diluted with fertilizer and various tanning oils, and bottled to be enjoyed by tens of people.

A friend and I tried almost every flavor when Lance had a sale a few months back. I assume the first FRS batch was derived from Mr. Armstrong’s sweaty racing socks…the shit is nasty. BUT here is the kicker! This stuff does actually make you feel kinda good. I equate drinking FRS to slow sipping shots of Jagermeister, the drink is awful, but once you drink a 1/4 liter you don’t have a care in the world. FRS is very much a love/hate type of relationship for many. Whatever you do, do not pour this radioactive juice in a glass. Trust me, friends you don’t want to see what is in this drink. Upon first inspection, do not be surprised if you see what looks to like “citrus pubes” floating around. Just man up and take it down:) So leave your Red Bull’s at home tonight and pick up a FRS.

So I would like to tell FRS and Team Livestrong thank you for making the “ugly booty call drink”. She may not be the prettiest and she won’t win any contests…but she does put out! There is always something to be said for that…That is the Word!





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  1. grooda permalink

    No wonder the drink makes you “feels good”. Ever tried riding a bicycle after having one? Man!

  2. I once had an FRS before Taco Bell..that is livin on the edge my friend:)

  3. “Ugly booty call drink”?! Right up my alley! You know, I get grossed out only with Gatorade and how sweet it is when you drink it without any exercise involved. A taste I don’t notice when I’m in the middle of a competition. It actually tastes refreshing! So I bet if you’ve been on the road for a good 70 km, you’ll be craving the drink. I’ll have to get one and try it out.

    Anyone coming to Cancun? Bring me one, will ya?

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