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August 22, 2012

Which boobs are better? Real Vs Fake

This debate is just getting silly.  Some men just love to bash fake tittys…lotta haters out there. I for one have no problem with fake boobs, but as I roam the internet some dudes are just haters of the store bought hangers. I often wonder if  women with fake boobs would even get with these men who bitch about them endlessly. Here are some complaints I have read over the years.

  • They sit to high.
  • They look plastic.
  • They are hard/firm…I have no idea why this is an issue. “Hey Mike, my girls ass and boobs are really firm. What should I do”? I say stop bitching and be happy, these are not issues:0
  • The nipples are off-center. Nothing wrong with a wall-eyed tit
  • They look like ‘Bolt On’s”…well they were surgically enhanced so no surprise here.
  • The girl looked better before the surgury…this is TBD so send me some pictures;)

Then you have your purist or all natural kind of guys. These men prefer the all natural goodness of the God-given softness and shape. BUT some men who love the natural boobs, still bitch about them too. Here are some complaints I have read over the years.

  • They sit to low.
  • They are so big they have stretch marks.
  • They look misshapen.
  • They don’t fit her body….lol. This is the worst one ever. If you don’t like 5 foot tall chicks with C-cups and a size 4 waist, you sir are a dumbass.
  • She has a titty tat…we all know this is the only valid excuse. DON’T TAT THE BOOBS!

So here is my take on the issue. THERE is no issue! I still have that 8th grade appreciation for boobs, if a chick wants to show them to me, I don’t give a shit fake or real. I am just happy to be looking at boobs…lol. Since I am married, I don’t have the opportunity to test drive new boobies. However, this is another non issue for me because my wife has a great set, but I digress. Therefore, I’m not taking any side in this great debate, unless that side is of the side boob variety. I have no hatred either way the boob falls.

So Man Up and stop bitching about how you prefer Jennifer Anniston over Pamela Anderson’s boobs. We should all be so lucky to have a problem like that.



From → DR.Mike

  1. Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more. At the end of the day the female form is exquisite.

  2. LOL! that is pretty funny dude. LOL! I will have admit though I prefer the the real things though.

  3. “Nothing wrong with a wall-eyed tit.”

    Probably the best sentence I’ve read on the internet in quite a while.

  4. You and I, sir, will get along. Straight with no chaser is how I like my conversation. More power to you.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, I will be keeping up with you too;) I like your blog and a lady that does not deal in BS;) So we can call out the haters together!

      • You know, my last name means “mountain of sincerity”. I think we can go on a fricking rampage you and me, my friend.

      • We could join forces and take over Word Press, I am ready let’s do it.

      • Mike:
        We may just be what the Internet was waiting for.

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