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Fantasy Football Do’s and Dont’s 2012

August 19, 2012

So this is a spur of the moment list! I like many of your husbands/boyfriends enjoy playing Fantasy Football. Am I proud of it? No…not really, but it’s fun and I enjoy talking shit to strangers:0 Plus playing Fantasy Football helps you stay more up-to-date with the NFL. I know this post will hit a very limited male audience but if it helps my fellow-man, I am all about it. So here is a list of Fantasy Football Do’s and Dont’s  for 2012 that just may save a friendship or family from divorce…lol

This shit is serious…it’s fake football:)

  1. DON’T take the full 2 minutes to make your selection. This is a fantasy football team, not a list of women you’re guaranteed to have sex with.
  2. DON’T bother a man while he chooses his dream team.
  3. DO bring him snacks!
  4. DON’T make fun of a man for this…you will only be looking for trouble.
  5. Guys never brag about Fantasy to anyone other than a dude in your league.
  6. DON’T play if you do not watch football.
  7. Guy’s if a star player is injured for longer than 3 weeks…don’t pick him/drop him!
  8. ALWAYS pick a kicker last…no exceptions.
  9. As much as I like the guy don’t draft Tim Tebow…it’s just a statement/waste pick at least until week 5
  10. DON’T involve your lady with Fantasy Football.
  11. DO watch The League on FX…my man Taco.
  12. DO get the Fantasy Football App you never know when you may need this tool.
  13. DON’t have a douce bag team name…no shit I joined one league today some dudes Team Name was “forsett in her butt”
  14. DON’T play Fantasy Football at work…lol



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