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2012 College Football Reminders

August 18, 2012

The official start of the college football is lurking right around the corner and I cannot wait. I thought, I would give you guys and gals some quality tailgating/game day tips for the upcoming 2012 season.

  1. Don’t sit next to the guy at the game with tons of chest paint.
  2. Do sit next to the girl with chest paint.
  3. Don’t ask for the name of YOUR starting Quarterback.
  4. Don’t talk about championships your team has won, if your ass was not even alive when they won it…Yes that means you Alabama fans.
  5. If your guy don’t cry like a bitch on national television if your team loses…Yes that means you Alabama fans.
  6. Do wear your team colors! You can leave your damn Yankee hat at the house for a few hours on game day. There are exceptions see rule #13!
  7. Don’t bring your 5-year old to the home teams student section. I am sorry if they see a tit, hear a cuss word, or get Mr Boston spilled on them…it’s the parents fault.
  8. Don’t try to reserve a tailgating spot with a large stick. I tried it before..there will be drama.
  9. Do bring multiple cases of beer!
  10. Don’t poison trees, kick dawgs, deface statues, or just be a dick in general. Have a good time win or lose.
  11. Just avoid any Penn State apparel in general if you work around kids/church groups in 2012. Chances are you are more likely NOT to get punched in ear!
  12. Do tell your wife or girlfriend to dress up as a cheerleader with pigtails after victories on Saturday nights as a celebration.
  13. You cannot wear than more than 3 pieces of team apparel if you’re over age 12…man law #194 This means if you have (The hat, socks, suspenders, shorts, t-shirt, hoodie, beer mug, tattoo, team eye liner, team fight song book, team Wal-Mart Wrangler Jeans,and team garden gnome) you can only choose 3.
  14. Don,t say certain players are the best you ever saw, if you never even saw them play. This means you 20-year-old UGA and Auburn fans who still talk about Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker. Not saying they are not great but YOU have no credibility.
  15. You got any rules/tips…leave a comment!

So there are a few tips for you and yours this, good luck to your teams everyone!


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