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The Most Important Video I Ever Posted

August 16, 2012

A week from Friday will be four years since I lost my step-dad to  heart disease at the age of 54. Everyday I think of him and the times we had, and the times we lost. As we all grow older and get lost in the 8 to 5’s and kids back to school schedules, sometimes we all take for granted life itself. Death in most cases feels like a distant particle in the spectrum of life…but it’s a road we will all take.

I came across this video of 28-year old Eric Mc-Lean who died a few days ago from a 10 year battle with cancer. I am going to keep this post short. Usually I try to make my blog be on the funnier side of life, but it’s ok to be a grown up sometimes. I encourage you to watch the video and take a minute to reflect. I think the reminder of death sometimes help us appreciate life.


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