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People Who Cause Arguments

August 9, 2012

So we all know there is always a SOB who makes it their life’s ambition to piss the rest of us off. We the hard-working people are now officially tired of your shit! The Word will now serve your ass a Southern helping of humble pie.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I think maybe we all could. Finally we could all agree on politics, we could get past racial issues, erase hatred, minimize ignorance and come together as one people. We can do that tonight, here on The Word because we all stand united as one against the people who cause arguments. So take a long hard look at this list. If you happen to be an offender, hell even a repeat offender…Be Warned. The rest of us are tired of your shit. If you do any of these things, you’re a person who just causes arguments.

  1. People who hate Bacon…who hates bacon? A man who can’t be trusted that’s who!
  2. People who double dip in the salsa bowl at Mexican restaurants.
  3. People that drink a man’s last beer and don’t even bother to tell him “We need to run to the store”.
  4. Friends who brag about exceptional sex lives.
  5. Men who piss all over the men’s urinal…what are you 12?
  6. Women who think everyone wants to have sex with you.
  7. Restaurant workers who ask if you want more drink…when you’re out…and still have food.
  8. People that bitch they cannot gain weight.
  9. People who always just have to back up in a parking spot. Really dude let’s back up into a parking spot at the gas station…dick.
  10. People who never tip.
  11. Assholes that ask when it’s raining outside and you come in clearly soaked  “It raining outside”?
  12. People that say “It’s Monday” at work…no shit lady I’m aware my weekend is over!
  13. People who ask for shit at places that don’t make any sense. Example…the SOB who asks the girl at local cinema for matches or Play Dough.
  14. Women who bathe in too much perfume.
  15. Your pick…what drives you crazy sound off.
  16. People who still don’t know what is on the menu at Mc Donalds, Wendys, BK Lounge, The Chick…it is the same shit from the 80’s let’s move on.

From → DR.Mike

  1. When the store closes at 10 and you walk in at 955… Gggrrrr

  2. When someone asks to borrow something as they are walking away with it.

  3. Oh Yes…the late comer. This is a good/bad one!

  4. tmflew permalink

    PPL that walk right pass you after you said good morning to them. WTH…are you too good to say good morning….pricks

  5. Meghan permalink

    The asshat that pulls out in front of you only to go half the damn speed limit and gives you a shitty look! Next time I will run them over.

  6. The urinal thing kills me! How much easier could we possibly have it? You just have to stand and pee into this large porcelain object that is wider than your body. How the f*ck do you make such a mess? Occasionally I see urine on top of the urinal. It drives me nuts!

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