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Get Off The Damn Phone

August 5, 2012

I know that most people, myself included always have the cell phone no more than 4 feet away at all times. I also know that it makes me sad how we as people have lost a bit of humanity based on the rise of the cell phone. People everywhere having breakfast this morning and probably have not had two words to say to each other, all because the phone is the coolest show in the room. In these days, the relentless information barrage is almost deafening at times. I see people looking at their phones almost everywhere and I am here to tell you put the damn phone down! Before you get pissed and say how dare The Word tell me how to live…lol. I am not saying you can’t use your phone most anywhere, most of the time. There are just some places where 99% of us are not on the phone and your ass is the exception. We then have to pay ultra close attention to you…because you are not paying attention, if that makes sense. So if you’re guilty of any of these…please clean it up:) Happy Sunday Friends!!!


  1. The stairs…any damn stairs. I dont care if you only have to go up 8 of them, unacceptable people.
  2. While ordering any type of food/placing an order…it’s just rude as shit no excuses. The only pass is if you cannot speak for yourself, in that case I would revoke your phone anyways…waste of money my friend.
  3. Talking on the phone while you take a shit, when you are not at HOME. If you wanna talk Magic Mike plans with the girls, do it while you’re not having the taco shits.
  4. While using a knife…easy.
  5. While having sex..unless you’re filming…lol. In this case do not watch the footage while taking a shit at Dunkin Donuts.
  6. Stop filming the entire concert/show. I mean really…nobody is gonna buy that Bieber footage. Sit back, listen to the music take a few pictures of the people you happen to be with, that’s it. Stop trying to be GD Ridley Scott for an hour. Save that energy for rule number 5;)
  7. In the movies…sounds simple but some jackass is always doing it.
  8. If you see your friend in a fight…get off the damn phone…help em out

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