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Bedroom Tricks 2012

August 4, 2012

So I was reading this month’s issue of Men’s Health and every one there is a section for sex tips. Most of the time these tips are not very informative or helpful. The August sex tip follow that same trend…lol. Men’s Health explains/suggests some areas on your lady friend you may be ignoring. These certain areas could make all the difference between an every other night sexual experience and the night of your life type o sex! Areas that could greatly increase your ladies passion and drive her wild in the bedroom.

Areas Mentioned:

  • A womans elbow
  • A womans armpit
  • Her inner thigh…ok, this one does work, but I think most guys learned this trick in 9th grade
  • Her hands…specifically the palms
  • The back of your woman’s knees

So I tried to have sex with my wife’s elbow last night…turns out I was supposed to be kissing her elbow! Who knew? As fate would have it, rubbing your package all over your lady friends elbow most likely will not turn her on. So guys just try making out with her elbows, unless she has dry ashy type elbows. If she has linebacker elbows, slowly move down the tree to the erogenous zone called the armpit.  Try to ignore the fact that your tongue may become numb from the Secret deodorant. Try not to panic if your windpipe attempts to seize up, all that matters is her pleasure;) What kind of woman would look at man funny if he started licking her armpit during foreplay? The answer is every GD one would, that’s who! I know people who are self-proclaimed freaks in the bedroom…and these people are not licking armpits. Ask her to do it to you, see if that shit flys…lol. The article also mentions sensually rubbing the palms of her hands with your fingers, supposedly this will get her in the mood. This tactic may work if your girl happens to be a nun who blushes at the word boner, other than that I doubt you will get any booty from this one.

The bottom line is Men’s Health will tell you that if you hit any of these spots, you are guaranteed to drive your lady buck wild. I think Men’s Health just puts shit like this in their magazine to get their sick chuckles. Somewhere some poor bastard will try one of these tips. Somewhere a girl will break off a quality relationship all because her boyfriend tried having sex with her armpit…it’s just sad. Just remember take care of the “main” areas and leave the elbows for the next guy. That Is The Word!


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  1. Bryan permalink

    Hummmm… Elbows and arm pits?… I’ll just stick to my normal Simi quarterly sexcapades…

  2. Meghan permalink

    Wth !?!? Those people are morons!!! My husband tries to go at my armpits and hes getting punched. Laughing till you start wheezing is nit hot…..

  3. Stephanie permalink


  4. Anonymous permalink

    My boi hawk always keeping the laughter high my fellow wolfpack

  5. Dimitri permalink

    That was me on the previous comment lol

  6. I read somewhere before that said a woman should grow her armpit hair out and then rub her partners face in it as 4play. Its supposed to arouse the man…. I could never grow my armpit hair and I don’t know any guy who finds that attracted, let alone wants to rub his face in it.

  7. Dash…thanks for reading sir:) 2 chainz

  8. Ashley…i think most guys prob dont want the “pit”, but a hairy “pit”…now we are talking business;)

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