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Silly White People

August 2, 2012

Let me tell you, there are some silly ass white people in the world. I still to this day see white people throw up gang signs in every other damn picture of Facebook. Most of these “thugs” are over the age of 30 with a receding hairline, 4 kids, a  Mickey Mouse Polo, and their Nascar hat turned around backwards…tossing up a gang sign like they a member of the MMG. Don’t know what the MMG is…if you don’t, you have no business tossing up gang fingers;) For the record I am not saying some white people do not come from the harder parts of town. I genuinely believe some white people have earned the right to throw a gang sign or two. Who has not earned the right are these posers who still try to look hard while dancing in skinny jeans at the club. Let’s be real, silly white people who do this type o shit would probably not even have the balls to walk into a package store on the south side of town. This same rule applies to the douchebags who love for others, to take pictures of them flipping the bird for random ass photos. I just laugh every time I see the “Angry Bird Photo”, from suburbanite white people who drive Toyota Camrys. My personal favorite gang finger photo is “club thug”, this picture always kills me. You will never look like a hard MF holding a martini glass and body glitter at a club that plays Maroon 5.

Listen white people, not every picture has to be your best Three Six Mafia album cover impersonation. I will go ahead and let you know that crouching down and throwing up a gang sign with an Olive Garden in the background is just F-ing silly. Just be yourself white people…it’s ok! That is the Word Homie!


From → DR.Mike

  1. I love your blog and wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award!!

    • Awesome man I really aprecaite it! Just stopping by and checking out all the silly shit I say means a lot. Take care and thanks for your support.

  2. tarrtarr permalink

    I think I fall under the category of silly-ass-white people…

    • It’s ok! Just mix up the gang signs with like crotch grabs or maybe try like a vogue pose, who Knows you maybe a trend setter. Good luck with your new blog!

  3. This literally made me laugh out loud! My bf is white, but he’d rather die than throw up a gang sign!

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