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Girls Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do This! Vote 2012

July 31, 2012

So I was thinking what are some things that women should never be able to do. As with everything on my blog, these are just my opinions. For the record, I reserve the right to change my mind at any given time and this list is really more of a tribute than a criticism. So ladies feel free to use some of these ideas in your daily life, if you need a little extra attention. I cannot guarantee that other women will appreciate these ideas/tactics but as the great R.Kelly once said “Haters gonna Hate”.






Things That Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do

  • Women should not be allowed to wear pigtails if you’re over the age of 16…automatic hard-on, ask any man
  • Women with nice legs should not be able to wear those high gym socks…you know the ones:)
  • Women should not be allowed to eat bananas or hotdogs in public.
  • No ladies you may not just walk around the house in a thong while doing the dishes.
  • Ladies should never be able to pick any music for a road trip, unless they know who Radiohead is.
  • Women under the age of 40 should never use the fly chest press in the gym with a sports bra on.
  • Women should not be able to quote more than 8 lines from Scarface, Anchorman, Lethal Weapon, Point Break, and The Big Lebowski. This tends to blur the “man vision” because now I feel like we can talk for hours no matter what the hell you look like!
  • Women should not be allowed on beer tours with pigtails and high socks.
  • Women can never just pour anything shiny on their bodies…this includes honey and baby oil
  • Girls can never just have a slight attraction for one of their friends…and let their man know of this;)
  • Women should not be allowed to wear “Secretary” glasses during sex.
  • Ask your man, “Do you think she looks prettier than me?”
  • Keep a stuffed animal on your bed after the age of sixteen.
  • Refuse to tell a man what you really want for your birthday and then be disappointed by the gift you receive.

So ladies don’t do any of these unless you want a very satisfied man! That Is The Word!

From → DR.Mike

One Comment
  1. Abbie permalink

    here’s a list I like better than yours:

    1. men shouldn’t be allowed to say women “aren’t allowed to do (x)”
    2. nobody should be singled out for their genders
    3. if I want to do anything on this god damn list that I want to, I will fucking do it.

    – some “wrong” woman who has stuffed animals and does whatever else she wants to do.

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