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Guys buy your lady some flowers

July 29, 2012

Who does not like a happy wife of girlfriend? We all know if your lady is happy so will you be. So this is a little PSA for all the guys out there BUY YOUR LADY SOME FLOWERS. Life gets crazy sometimes and all us guys tend to forget about the number one lady on the scorecard. I must admit, this man law took me a few years to master because girls play games with your head. Here are some examples:

  • Your lady friend tells you she does not care for flowers…this is ALWAYS bullshit! I don’t care if a woman is straight from the ghetto or the trailer park, they still like flowers.
  • Your woman may tell you to save your money and there are other things she would rather have. Have no doubt, she does still wants other things but 30 bucks worth of flowers are on her list as well.
  • She may tell you that this certain type of flower is all played out…ignore this too.

Women play these games because they are telling you in girl code, please buy me some damn flowers. So if you cannot remember the last time you got your lady, or even your mom some flowers…do so quickly. I can almost guarantee your night will be better and you may even get some “afternoon delight” if your lucky. Have no illusions there are rules to buying flowers and you must follow them…see below!

  1. Always get the flowers delivered mid-week to her job. Ladies love nothing more than flaunting their flowers in all their co-workers face. Women have to put on those fake smiles and strike up random conversation about the arrangement, all the while wishing their man had bought them some. Do mid-week because that way none of her co-workers should be out on vacation.
  2. Put something heart felt on that little 2*2 card.
  3. Never ever tell her you’re going to buy her flowers…jsut do it!
  4. Never tell her how much they cost. 15 bucks or 75 bucks you take that shit to the grave.
  5. Get her flowers during odd times of the year. Actually doing this will save you money because you may get a pass during peak flower holidays.
  6. Once every now and then, splurge and get her 2 or 3 dozen just to blow the top of the mother!
  7. Get her flowers, when you are not arguing this is key.

So I hope this will help out some of my fellow brothers in arms. To the ladies we’ve loved and the ladies we’ve lost Cheers!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think…any suggestions? I have also just started a new music blog called The Music Cave and I would love for anyone to check it out . Feel free to find some good late night tunes to accompany the flowers. Peace Out Folks;)


From → DR.Mike

One Comment
  1. YES! It’s so funny because the other day I said to my husband “haven’t you ever heard the phrase – ‘a happy wife is a happy husband'” He said NO. Since then I’ve seen it on about four blog pages, including this one. You are so right! Guys need to buy their ladies flowers! Anyone that says they don’t want them is straight up full of shit! Or so used to being treated like crap that they just expect it; in either event – GOOD ADVICE!! (From a lady that has been given flowers twice in 5+ years, I shit you not.)

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