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Hey Five Guys Burgers and Fries

July 27, 2012

This one is gonna burn a few of you…BE WARNED! Can someone please tell me who was the marketing genius that convinced 5 Guys Burgers and Fries it’s a good idea to dump the extra fries in the brown bag? To be honest the brown paper sack almost buckling from the grease that has effectively obliterated the bag…is kinda disgusting. I guess it’s to be expected when a restaurant’s decor consists of potato sacks that line the walls like Katrina sandbags. Horse bags of peanuts that line the isles and a community orgy trough for people to share dry peanuts. They have huge ass signs bragging how they “hand patty” their own burgers. Let me tell you folks, it does not matter what kinda patty method you use it’s all about the meat…ask the ladies;) We all know that 5 Guys is not a place where particularly health conscious people tend to go. I guess these people are turned off by the grease bag that appears to be leaking like a used condom. People rejoice in the fact that these tasteless fries are thrown in the bag as a mini bonus prize. They give you the fries because they suck people, you don’t see Mc Donalds giving out fries. Is there one person in the world who prefers 5 Guys fries over Mc Donalds? Not many my friends…not many!

The fast food industry is simply filled with double standards. If Captain D’s gave you some extra deep-fried fish guts, you would be pissed. Chances are you would not appreciate that mini bonus. Here is an idea for 5 Guys, just deep fry the whole burger, remove it straight from the grease and dump it in the bag. At that point finish the order by placing 2 whole potatoes in the bag…done! BOOM you just created a media sensation. If you are willing to spend 30 minutes and 12 bucks on your lunch break in line for a burger, I feel for you. Don’t purchase the hype it’s just a burger.



  1. I agree with you.. I went to 5 guys in auburn and it was ok. I had a burger with lettuce tomato bacon onions and pickles. I couldn’t even hold it to eat it, they put so much on it. I felt like I was the only person who could give 2 shits that they were opening in Columbus.

  2. Thanks for reading Ashley. The crazy thing people act like you cannot have a neagative opinion about the place. I saw where the day the opened people go there at 7:00 am and waited till 11 just bc the burgers are SO good.

  3. George loves it. He jumped for joy when they announced they were opening one here. I think for people its the “Epic Meal TIme” deal where its so bad for you that its good. Like your mom would be pissed if she found out you ate that. lol

  4. It’s pretty good, I just cant justify the wait and the hype. Thanks for reading Christy!

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