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Gym Rules You Should Follow

July 21, 2012

So I have given the people two sets of gym rules and I am proud to say those posts have been some of my most popular. As I get ready to head out to the local YMCA this morning I thought let me give the people what they want…more gym rules/advice. The thing about all the gym rules I have created  is that if you think about them, they could be considered common sense in most cases. Nonetheless if you’re going to the gym in an attempt to better yourself there is nothing funny about that! It’s really tough to stay motivated and maintain discipline when it comes to food choices. So I applaud you for putting forth the effort and wish anyone continued success. All of that being said…don’t pull any of these shenanigans at the gym or I will make fun of you;) There is a fine line at the gym that can always be crossed if you’re not careful. The trick is to maintain “stealth-mode” at the gym. You will want to get in, fit in, and get the hell out! So pay attention to these rules and you to can maintain  stealth mode. Thanks for reading, do you have any suggestions? You can always vent on The Word.

2012 Mid-Summer Gym Rules

1. If you’re a dude, I don’t give a shit how big your muscles are you should never wear purple or neon green Under Armor. Extreme colors by default draw attention so unless you are in top shape DO NOT draw unnecessary attention, save the bright colors for the chicks.

2. For men if you take a spin class…after the class never unzip that SOB three-quarters of the way down to cool off. You’re not Channing Tatum so stop trying to entice the ladies with grey chest hair and sweaty nipples.

3. If you use a towel to wipe off your sweat and then lay that same towel as your imaginary “towel sweat barrier”. Please don’t give me strange looks if I wipe the machine off after you leave, maybe I will start laying my Wet Wipes down on the bench and lay on top of that…lol

4. Ladies avoid provocative stretches. Toe touches are fine…Doggy Style toe touches not so much.

5. Dudes stop wearing daisy duke shorts…I don’t give a shit if you have nice legs.

6. Don’t show off your gymnastics skills with regards to pull ups. You just look silly!

7. Don’t eat snacks while working out, this is counter productive.




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  1. In response to rule #1, what if they are on sale? Is neon then, okay?

  2. Would you hate me then, if I told you that I take off my tank top during my run on the treadmill? It seriously gets very hot in my gym.

    • Trust me, from what I read on your blog I think you prob are in pretty good shape so feel free to show some skin. To be hinest the guys are the worst offenders of the 2 much skin rule.

  3. It’s funny though. I remember seeing this older lady who looked a little too cylindrical to be considered this side of healthy, wearing very short shorts and a small sports bra. She would take light dumbbells and do a little dance routine that was only missing a pole. Her husband is a very nice man who is very thick sort of buff and I’ve noticed that they rarely go to the gym together. I just find it odd that she’s married and just doing things that I don’t even think the fitter ladies in the gym would do.

    • The shit people do amazes me at the gym for real. I once saw a guy break a mirror with a dumbell, pick up his stuff and just walk out. I have no idea how couples can really work out together. Funny how gym clothes and some Katy Perry will bring out the freaks in the gym.

      • Seriously! That couple have to be in the late 40s, early 50s. There was this couple that would go in the mornings. They are both really nice 20-somethings, really slender but the girl obviously had a boob job. When she does flies on the bench, they just literally sit there, as if she had never laid down. It’s really quite unnerving. I’m a photographer and I like to see proportion and gravity having an effect and just seeing that makes me shudder a bit.

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