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Pete Rose Gets A Show

July 18, 2012

So the all time hits leader in baseball is finally getting a show…see what we get for not letting Charlie Hustle in the Hall Of Fame. I have always liked Pete Rose granted he was before my time but I lived through the PED area. Many of my baseball heroes growing up as a kid turned out to be liars and cheaters but such is life. As most of you know Pete Rose was a bit of a gambler and then he basically lied for a decade or two…I say so what! The man has paid his dues let him in the HOF. Pete had been falling on hard times as of late, reduced to selling his name to pretty much everything. I was at a baseball card show once years ago and I saw a Pete Rose signed baseball for like 25 bucks. I then asked the guy if the signature was legit? He assured me the signature was real and so was the price, apparently Pete Rose has been signing his life away since the mid 80’s…lol. So while he can still walk I say we let him in the HOF.

Lets talk about the new Pete Rose reality show for a moment shall we. What can we expect to see? We will get to see Pete Rose constantly bitch about how he is not in the HOF. Pete last I heard live in Vegas, so I am guessing we will get to see him hit the lobster buffets quite often. If we are lucky we will get to see Pete still try to color his hair with his patented Dumb and Dumber bowl cut. What you may not know is that Pete Rose’s old ass has a porn star looking Asian chick and he has for a minute now. Kiana Kim is not a 10 by any means but if you happen to be like 65…chick is pretty bad. So expect the show to cover Pete’s weekly trip to the CVS for little blue pills;) This just goes to show you cannot keep a bad man down, bout time! RESPECT THE HUSTLE!

Dangerous Pete Dangerous



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