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The College Tat

July 16, 2012

As we approach the new NCAA football season, I have been seeing more and more people with college tattoos. For the record, I just think college tats are kinda lame and exteme…and I love college sports. When was the last time someone asked you which college team you supported…and they refused to belive you? Guess what buddy, I got The Bear tattooed on my leg! I then feel like shit because the Alabama hat,t-shirt, bumper sticker, and houndstooth wristband did not give you away. Thank God you had the damn tatoo to prove to me that you indeed love Alabama,Georgia, or Auburn. These are especially trashy on girls. I guess if you follow the same school and the chick has a Bama titty tat to correspond to your Trent Richardson Heisman tat…you’re good.

I am not against tattoos, I am against having a tatoo from a college that you have never even attended. Just buy one of the other 100,000 items to represent the school. I know it is serious shit down here, but we all don’t have to participate in white trash stereotypes. If you played middle linebacker for Auburn, feel free to get your college jersey tattooed on your back…lol. I suppose some people get tats to express their likes/interests, but why all the double standards? You may get pissed at me for barking about college tats, but you would be the same person to call it lame if I got a huge ass Tony Tiger tat. He has represented me proudly since like age 5, same as the picture of little Harvey JR in the Bear’s elastic Bama shoes. You would say that I am weird if I got a tatoo of a Mountain Dew can on my left bicep. So when making your tatoo choice try to be original and don’t get the same shit as everbody else. Here are some novel ideas if you must get the college tat, because I have seen all of your ideas…time to think outside the box.

Tatoo Ideas for college fans

  • Tattoo of the Bears wife
  • A school map of Auburn or Ga. Tech
  • A family tree of UGA dawgs
  • The 3 Manning Heads on Mount Rushmore
  • Penn State bathroom pass;)
  • A Nick Saban family photo
  • Ole Miss Rebel smoking a J
  • Texas Longhorn with the steer balls out
  • Tim Tebow Angel tat for the Florida fans

That is the word! Come on College Saturdays!!!!

Leave room for the year you lose your virginity


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One Comment
  1. That was hilarious… And, something even worse than this, and I promise I’m not kidding.. this guy I dated briefly has Columbus high schools bell tower and mascot tattooed on his shoulder… He’s a teacher at Harris county high….

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