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Best Crackhead All Time

July 13, 2012

I know being a crackhead is really a bad thing, but who does not like a good crackhead in the movies? These guys/girls are great! We can all take a little pleasure and get high on making fun of our favorite crack head. I know the movie Savages just came out and it deals with cocaine trafficking, so that got me thinking about crackheads. You see that is my thought process here people it’s sad but true. What does it really take to be a world-class crackhead? Well first off you need to be able to consume large quantities of nose candy. White lips and slurred speech are good qualities to possess if you are a crackhead. So here is my list for the prestigious Top Crackhead Of All Time…Enjoy! I am leaving a poll to let the people decide, please click a damn button you lazy bums and vote;)

Top Crackhead All Time

  1. Pookie (New Jack City) — who did not love Pookie?
  2. Tony Montana (Scarface) — not a true crackhead but the man still did a boatload of yayo
  3. Johnny Quid (RockNRolla) — I just liked this movie;)
  4. Tyrone Biggums
  5. Floyd aka Brad Pitt (True Romance) — great movie highly recommended
  6. Chris Tucker (Dead Presidents)
  7. Henry Hill (Goodfellas) — Not a true crackhead but still damn close
  8. Ezal — (Friday)
  9. Huggy aka the Fat Kid from Lean On Me…gooooo ooooooonnn Jump!
  10. Basehead (Menace 2 Society)– one word cheeseburgers

Honorable Mention: Halle Berry (Losing Isiah), Gator played by Samuel L Jackson, C.Bale (Fighter), Uma (Pulp Fiction)

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