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Little League Fight

July 9, 2012

Leave it to Columbus to make National news for all the wrong reasons. The Little League fight  heard round the world would make Randy Marsh proud for sure! Where to start with this one? Parents, as you all know ,baseball is just a game and that is coming from a die-hard baseball fan. Grown fat ass men fighting it out over balls and strikes is just silly. Parents should try to always set a positive example, but I know shit happens…nobody is perfect. So we cannot expect kids to be perfect. Every year during the LL World Series you see the horror and disappointment on these kids faces when they lose a game. It’s like someone whispered in their ear “Your mom is dead and she is burning in Hell as we speak.” I know the kids probably feel that in the moment life cannot get any worse, but where does all that pressure come from? The answer is the parents. I understand you should push and motivate kids to do well. You should also teach kids teamwork and humility. Baseball is a tough game that is filled with failures. Really baseball is a game designed around the concept of failure. Baseball is also a game of class, where hard work and hustle are rewarded with appreciation. Who can appreciate these parents making asses of themselves and getting arrested  on a random Saturday? The shit is just ridiculous to be honest. Every kid will not be an All-Star and go onto Columbus High and play for State Championships. This does not mean they suck and life will cease to go on. All this means is that these kids will have to find another way. To me the difference is teaching a kid the right way. Grown men should know how and where to check their emotions. If you want to fight take that shit somewhere else. You do not see me criticizing and booing little kids, because that shit is lame. Some of these parents just rip the hell outta these kids, I have seen it! Give the kids a break and try to set a good example on and off the field.  Your son will remember their dad and what he stood for long after strike 3. Keep it classy that is The Word!


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