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Who Are These People?

July 8, 2012

Who are these people who place a fast food order, then take 2 damn steps and just plant their ass in the pick up zone? Really it’s not even the pickup zone it’s more of the start of the pickup zone. Many times these jackass people hardly clear the poles at some restaurants. Do they get their drink? Oh No! These people usually cross their arms and look like Nick Saban after Bama does get a first down call. The shit makes me uncomfortable for one because I don’t know what you are going to do. If the line is semi-deep at the Taco Bell and you refuse to take a seat and wait on your number…I have a problem with you. What the hell are these people worried about? They must be afraid that I/you will simply snatch their order and run off like a GD food bandit. The only restaurant where it is acceptable to become a “food statue” is possibly Wendys.

While I am talking about fast food here is another tip…remember your damn number. The shit is not that difficult the number is usually printed size 24 font in bold. If you frequent a restaurant more than twice a  month you have no excuses. Ever had them call your number and you then must fight through the food mosh pit to pick up your food? Yes, of course you have because the “food statue” man mentioned in the above paragraph is there…lol. When the BK lounge calls your number check the shit and pickup your food, it’s really that simple. The people who crowd the line are always unsure if the order call is theres because idiots love company. Here is what you should do the next time you hit a fast food joint.

Step 1….Be courtious and order!

Step 2…Move your ass outta the way usually to the nearest seats next to the drink machine

Step 3…Listen for your number and pick up the food.


Today’s blog was dedicated to the family of four at the local Taco Bell who decided a family huddle was the best way to procure their orders. This was not a small family for the record, I know they must take food seriously but damn move it along. If I have to make crotch to fat roll contact just to get around you…MOVE! That is the word kidos!

I want my tacos.



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