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Who Gives A Shit About Your Feet?

July 4, 2012

Ladies, I am calling you out on this great July 4th. Why in the hell do some women take pictures of their feet and then post them on Facebook? Who the hell wants to see your feet? It never fails the girl could be the least self-confident on the web, but they will still show off their toes painted with a sunset pattern. Recognize any of these examples?

  1. The day at the beach photo…lol. ( I see big knees and toes, not exactly Kate Upton’s feet)
  2. The its pedi time girlfriend photo!
  3. The picture of your new flip-flops that no one would believe you purchased, unless you took a picture and posted about the shit.

I am not a foot kind of guy, but I guess some are in this crazy world. I mean what guy takes feet over a pretty girls face,boobs, ass, smile or legs? I can tell you one thing…that is not the guy you want being your neighbor.  So I personally take no enjoyment in seeing a close up of the nail polish you discovered at Starship. I am in fact all for chicks having good hygine…so keep your feet nice by all means. What I don’t need is you posting every other week like a damn show pony showing off! Are you trying to brag you have that much disposable income? Are you hoping that Channing Tatum just happens to be looking at your pages and is like “Damn look at those feet?” If you tell me you got your feet done…great…I will belive you. You don’t see dudes posting shit like shaved armpits. You will not see men posting that just cleaned their ears with a picture of the dirty Q-tip and a summer sunset. Let us be clear you did not accomplish anything, you simply paid for a service. Next time take a picture of the poor Asian lady that has to shape those hammer toes…lol. Let me give her a few likes on Facebook she needs some love. That is The Word!!!!!!!



From → DR.Mike

One Comment
  1. Hey….99% of the time…feet are never fat!!!

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