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Magic Mike

July 2, 2012

So I happen to notice all the lonely  housewives came out over the weekend to see Magic Mike, it was all the rage on FB. I get the idea, good-looking guys stripping teamed up with alcoholic women usually equals money at the box-office. My wife went and saw this movie and she went so far as to even call it good…let us just call it, what it is. She must have been blinded by tan ass cheeks and abs. I will admit whenever I hear of any actress, I would not mind seeing naked showing a little something in a movie…kinda makes me interested. So I was thinking old school…who was the best female stripper on film? Lucky for my tens of fans, I have seen lots of movies and I do like strippers. So I will pass on my list to the masses and let the people decide who was the best stripper on film. To be clear the scene could simply be a striptease, the actress or actor in question does not have to play a stripper.

Top Strippers On Film All Time

  1. Jessica Alba – Sin City
  2. Salma Hayek – Dusk Till Dawn
  3. Jessie Spano – Showgirls ( I mean she licked the pole…come on!)
  4. Chris Farley…Chippendales SNL Skit…look it up;)
  5. White Trash Lady from Roadhouse…chick had sexy bangs…lol
  6. Demi Moore – Striptease
  7. Cherry Darling – Grindhouse
  8. Hot Teacher from Varsity Blues
  9. 2 Oil Wrestlers that killed Blue – Old School (You’re My Boy Blue)



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  1. Deana Hammock permalink

    Those are really good stripper choices, but Magic Mike actually had a storyline to it. I will admit, I didn’t pay that much attention to it, but there was one. Whenever the depressing parts would start about how lonely he was, my mind would go back to Channing scooting across the stage in a red thong…but I am sure the story was good haha! Keep us laughing Mike!!

    • Thanks Deana for reading and posting a great comment. I did see him in 21 jump street and he was good. Pretty brave to wear a thong, just goes to show if you look good nobody cares what you wear!

  2. Meghan permalink

    Why was Chris Farley not number one?

  3. Bryan permalink

    Thanks Mike!.. I see very few movies, so you whittling them down to the gems is a real time saver. 🙂

  4. I have to correct you on #9…those were not “oil” wrestlers. They were “lube” wrestlers…for Ol’ Blue’s sake…I think that makes a difference! =)

  5. Blue was a man of the people and I am proud to say he was one of my people!

  6. I saw Magic Mike, and I can’t believe that Kristin would say it was good?! It was horrible! The acting sucked, the story line was so predictable. The only good part of the movie was when they were dancing, which, I personally enjoyed… minus all the buzzing from the audience members and the obnoxious gay man that sat next to me.

    • She was sadly blinded by the 8-pack abs. I will tell you Wild Things isa good movie but that is only half true;) Thanks fro leaving a comment!!!!

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