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Facebook Kids

June 24, 2012

Why do some people on Facebook feel the need to disguise themselves using their kids picture? It is the weirdest thing, when you get a friend request  from an 8-year old little league player…oh wait that is the girl I met at the club last night! You could have fooled me! Look if you have a new-born and want to brag, be my guest but maybe you should be in the picture with the kid…all I am saying. Why are you trying to trick me? If I see a post from your drunken pre-game party that says ” No Fat Chicks at Bama tailgates” and then I see a picture of your little girl finger painting…I am gonna think your girl is a kinda of an elitist. I may go onto think that your kid will grow up to be a real bitch! I may call the bitch out if I see her in Toys R Us…thats how I roll. All I am saying is put YOUR picture up that way there is no uncertainty as to who you are or what you’re saying. I know little Billy looks cute on the Ferris Wheel, but If you are not Billy then reveal yourself. To be clear there is nothing wrong with being proud of your kids on Facebook, but lately I have seen some bad offenders.

On a side note: If you are a dude and you have a GD Glamour Shot for your picture…please man, please. I have seen some of these cats with like photo-shopped abs and porn style side burns. Some single dudes will try to lure the ladies, with a picture of themselves eating an apple…lol. Some guys will pull the Aviator Shades down just a hair to show their mysterious eyes…lol. GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SHIT! Unless you happen to be P.Diddy stop trying to look hard. I think chicks see right through your d-bag FB photo…that is The Word!




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