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Stand By Your Man

June 19, 2012

Remember that old country song  Stand By Your Man? Well that song must have been for crazy ass women. Jerry Sandusky’s wife told jurors Tuesday that she could remember at least six of her husband’s accusers staying overnight at their house. She said she did not witness any sexual abuse. Ole Jerry has the small issue of 51 counts of sexual abuse staring him down these days…but this crazy old hag is standing by her man. Let me just say that I have never understood women who tolerate unforgivable acts. In my opinion rapping kids is pretty much match point/game over for most normal relationships. Still some women always keep coming back for more. Think about Hillary Clinton or Kobe’s wife, they are still around for some crazy ass reason. Some women just feel that they can save a man from himself, I guess. If I had 51 counts of sexual abuse on me, my wife would be the first person out the door. Can you blame her? Can you blame anybody? I think only my mom would defend me, and that still maybe stretching it! Jerry Sandusky is a piece of shit. What can you do to this dude? Maybe throw him in jail, but that is stupid. All you would be giving Jerry is the man meat he has been hunting for 30 plus years. If I was a judge, I would sentence this guy to an all women’s prison for punishment. I would make Jerry watch the Lizard Lick Towing show 24/7 365. Once we was good and crazy I would have a robotic Chucky doll put this old freak down…that is the word!


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