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June 11, 2012

I have some advice for these local news channels that choose to cut into shows that people actually watch and seek to provide breaking news. Make sure you have news! I have been attempting to watch TV this evening and I have been interrupted at least 6 times for “Breaking News”. Don’t you wish you could just get paid to make assumptions? The story the news is following involves the prime murder suspect being sought for this weekends killings in Auburn. The story has made national news and with good reason. Anytime three young men die because of bullshit…it’s a big deal. This  local news coverage is a joke to sure. Here is the latest as my local news channel has informed me:)These are the facts according to my local news…lol. I shit you not, this is what they are reporting at this very moment.

  • The suspect  held up in this house we are filming, may or may not be the guy the authorities are looking for.
  • Cops have used tear gas…we think at this time it was tear gas….This just in(confused look on the reporters face)  turns out it was tear gas and not a poop bomb.
  • The house looks to be a cul de sac…which means there is only one way out.
  • The cops do have guns and will shoot anyone, who is not a cop and reeks of tear gas.
  • The victims were former Auburn players…by the way Auburn won a National Championship a few years ago…Hello Cam!
  • When it gets dark the cops will use an assortment of lights, in an attempt to illuminate the house in question. Keeping a light on the house will help police in visually seeing  what is going on.
  • It looks to me the neighbor, may or may not have Direct TV.

I think you get what I am trying to say. So thanks for the shitty coverage this evening WTVM, I was not trying HK;)


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