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The Milk Has Gone Bad

June 4, 2012

Poor Octomom! Anybody remember Octomom? Of course you do…she is the crazy bitch with like 14 kids. As it turns out 14 kids is a life killing mistake. I personally think it is morally and socially irresponsible to have more than 5 kids. I say this because to me 5 kids to me is kind of an extreme number of kids. The only pass I can give you, is if you are rich or a rock star. Suleman, who is on welfare and has recently declared bankruptcy, has turned to alternative means of supporting her large family, including celebrity boxing. Child welfare officials recently visited her home in California and found her and her children living in squalor. What is a mom to do?

Octomom will now be stripping to support her family…lol. To top that one Octomom has made a porn movie to be released soon. I am not in a position to tell anyone about their porn but if you can get off to this horrid troll…my friend you have serious problems. Who wants to see her boobs anyways? This would be the one time you could not get me to go to the strip club! My guess is this is another attempt for Octomom to make people feel sorry for her ass. I do not feel sorry for this woman, not in the least. The only victims here are the kids and any man who sees those raisin mound tits. I say let the state take the kids, to me it’s apparent her only reason for having the kids backfired on her ass. I know she thought going in, that she would have a show on TLC for 10 years. That America would just love her and she would rise to stardom. As it turns out, nobody cares about your kids but you! Octomom bitches she cannot find a man to support her, is she really surprised. I would rather live in poverty myself than get with this chick. Octomom at 37 still has not learned…keep your damn legs closed sweetheart! That is not the solution to everything in your life Ms.Suleman. I cast shame on any man who looks at this ladies boobs or child pumper…That is the word!


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  1. stef permalink

    I totally agree that her kids are the real victims. I also think its unethical for any dr to have given her the IVF treatment when she already had like 6 or so kids w/ no real way to support them. & have u ever heard her talk? She is like completely spastic. It’s hard work w/ just our one daughter for both my husband & I so I couldn’t imagine alll those kids by myself! Anyway, its just sad really..

  2. Yes I totally agree she is a trainwreck. I just hope kid 14 gets an I-Pad that the taxpayers will provide for Christmas. Thanks for reading Stef!

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