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Best Gun Fight

May 30, 2012

So I have been watching the History Channel’s mini event The Hatfield and McCoys the last few days.The show has Kevin Costner and my dude Bill Paxton as the main characters. Don’t you just love Bill Paxton? Fact-Bill Paxton is the only man to be killed by a Terminator, Alien, and Predator (look it up). The show has been pretty damn good so far, but up to this point where have all the gun fights been? I do like a good shootout in a movie, I will be honest with you all. The problem is we so rarely ever get a bad ass gun fight these days. Movies today are too full of CGI critters or comic book heroes for my taste some times. Whatever happened to a regular man with a Tech 9 spraying the bad guys? So in the spirit of “realistic” gun fights I will make a highly debated list I am sure;) I know my tens of fans will all have an opinion on this one, so here is our criteria this evening:

  • movie cannot have too many over the top gun fights…Example Rambo!
  • movie cannot have a CGI opponent…Example Terminator, Matrix, Alien, Predator
  • movie must have gun fights that could actually happen…not like Wanted, Desperado, Shoot Em Up
  • movie cannot be a war movie because some war movies depict pretty damn real gun fights


Top Gun Fight In a Movie

  1. Heat (Fight in Street)
  2. Tombstone (OK Carol Shootout)
  3. Boondock Saints…take your pick
  4. True Romance (last battle)
  5. The Way Of The Gun (check this classic out on Netflix if you don’t know it)
  6. 3.10 To Yuma
  7. Public Enemies, fight at the motel and through the woods
  8. The Town…Fenway takedown
  9. The Wild Bunch
  10. Smokin Aces/ Scarface…kinda of a reach I know





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