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Dude it’s 96 Degrees

May 26, 2012

Has anyone ever noticed that even on hot as hell days such as today, there will always be one person wearing a hoodie? I myself am a hoodie man for the record…but in the winter months mind you. The only reason you should have a hoodie on in the summer is if you just happen to be homeless. I saw a 35-year-old man wearing the AeroPostle/A&F hoodie today and I just laughed. First off the dude was trying way to hard to look cool. He was sporting shorts,sandals, d-bag sunglasses, and that damn hoodie. This SOB must have though he was Kanye West but only the white version. Of course the hoodie had a dragon orgy pattern that all the cool guys feel the need to show off. These graphic prints just amuse me sometimes to be honest. The dudes that wear these type of shirts think it makes them look tuff I guess. To me I think it just makes you look desperate, keep it classic… simple plain T-shirts sometimes less is more. So if it is over say 80 degrees, let us all make an effort to leave the winter clothes in the closet;)


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