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Subway Blues

May 22, 2012

This goes out to that special lady that I had the bad fortune of being behind today at the local Subway. I never thought a foot long turkey sub could reach 10 bucks worth of extras, but they damn sure can. So here are some tips for people who eat at Subway…per The Word!

  1. If you want every GD item in the restaurant on your sub that is fine but try this approach. Instead of making the sandwich makers name off and confirm every damn topping….maybe say “I want every damn thing but”. If I have to watch you call out every damn type of pepper and spice that shit is annoying. All you need to say is just put all that shit on my sub!
  2. Stop making it personal, I do not need to learn about what you like on your sub. Order and move one! Please do not look to me for sub advice, I get my subs relatively plain.
  3. Parents if your damn kids cannot see over the counter, please stop relying on their asses to order. Little Billy does not know if he wants Banna Peppers because little Billy cannot see what the hell they look like. Stop asking your kids do you want this, do you want that. Just pre-plan and keep the line moving.
  4. If you know what you want order it, and be done…lol. Every damn time I go there is someone who waits for the guy or girl to ask what type of bread, cheese, meat? I want a six-inch steak and pepperjack cheese on flatbread BOOM…Done!
  5. Stop making a sauce orgy…this goes back to rule #2. Please do not try to convince me that mustard and Italian dressing make a magical combo.


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