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Parental Advisory

May 15, 2012

Kids these days have it too damn easy when it comes to buying albums. Back in my day and I am only 30, you could not just log onto I-Tunes and buy a parental advisory cd…Hell No! You had to try to convince your parents to buy the cd and or tape for you. Maybe you had a rich friend with a dual cassette radio that had playback. One side played the tape and the other recorded…anyone remember that shit? You had to earn your naughty music back in the day. You could not just get an I-Tunes gift card from grandma and go to town…not that easy kids. Maybe you had an older brother or sister that would hook you up, but that damn sticker actually meant something back then. Not like it is today, we all know the PA is pretty much ineffective. The reason is nobody is watching what their kids are buying on I-Tunes. To be clear  I really do not belive in the parental advisory label and never have. To me this is a form of censorship for dumbass people. The PA notification basically says you, the consumers, are too uneducated to know what you’re about to purchase. This album may have bad words or suggestive themes. Hello! Have you ever looked at the titles of some old rock and rap songs…lol. The GD title gives it away, I guess people were shocked to find a song titled Fuck Tha Police, maybe a little on the aggressive side. See they use to have record stores and those actual brick and mortar stores had albums. The record store generally had a prick salesman ringing up your purchase and these guys were the go/no go on the cd. I can only imagine if a kid had to actually show id at Target to get the new Akon cd…lol. The parents would probably flip out and demand the cashier to simply ring up the purchase. I guess, I am just bitter against how hard it was for me to get some of the music I wanted back then.

Does anyone remember the first cd they purchased with a parental advisory sticker? Was it a struggle? See So I do happen to remember my first actual purchase of a cd with a parental advisory tag. The year was 1992 and the cd was Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power. Anyone that knows shit about hard rock in the 90’s knows and loves this album. That is right, I was able to convince my friend’s mom that this cd was a rock band. We all know rock bands cannot offend anyone;) So what was your first, leave a comment. This is what 1992 sounded like…that is the word.


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  1. Yes , these are my exact thoughts on the whole Parental Advisory thing in 2014 . I’m 32 now and remember how hard it was back in the 90’s to get hold of this music as my parents made it very clear that they didn’t want me listening to it and they didn’t want it in the house mainly because I had a younger sister and they did not want her being exposed to that kind of content since she was still only 10 and I was 15 and she used to hang out in my bedroom a lot and I used to listen to a lot of music when she was either in the same room or in the next one and so she told my folks about the CD’s had and so parents came into my bedroom and decided they would listen themselves to the albums . They started with The Prodigy – Fat of The Land and were disgusted at the song Smack My Bitch Up and Keith Flints Very Aggressive Vocals the next CD was Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire then Busta Rhymes single – Dangerous then Korn singles – Adidas & Good God and were absolutley shocked and apalled by the language then When they got to The Offspring – Ixnay on The Hombre ( so lucky they or I didn’t know what that title meant back then in 97 ) They were up in arms by the track cool to hate and their actual sound saying they sounded way too American and that it sounded like it should be on one of those Tacky teen American movies ( This was pre Blink 182 or other skate punk bands had made it in England and by made it I mean any Music channel exposure and being able to purchase their records in our record shops . ) England was still heavily into the whole Britpop scene and the American Pop Punk and Alt Metal scene didn’t become big until atleast late 2000, I became much better at hiding my records by then and would only listen to them with headphones on as I knew that what I hate in late 2000 to summer 2001 was much more offensive than what I had back in 97 . I only had a problem purchasing albums with the PA sticker when I either bought from either supermarkets or chained record shops like our price or Tower Records , the independent record stores didn’t care. When I got my first computer in my bedroom it was 2002 and did a lot of downloading from Morpheus , Kazza , Audio galaxy and winnmx so then I saw how easy it was to get hold of the music I wanted and without my parents knowing so I just had to be very quick and get it burned to a CD and rename the tracks so they didn’t find them and delete the files from computer . I think that eversince then it has got easier and easier to listen to that kind of music what with youtube , itunes ,the torrent sites and spotify and by 2003 my parents had given up and were better about it and so since then I stopped just looking for albums that had the parental advisory logo’s and like they were gonna be filled with aggression and vulgar language.

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