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Top 8 Most Annoying Shit People Do At Work

May 12, 2012

So I have been slacking on my posts the last couple weeks but I promise to do better. To my tens of fans, thanks for reading…I really do appreciate it. So I have a new top 10 for you fine people today. This was a collaborative effort, my first duet post if you will. My little sister helped with this one, so it truly is a Ballenger list. All of these could be separate posts in the future…Enjoy!!!!

Top 8 Most Annoying Shit People Do At Work

  1. People who wear too much perfume/cologne…I get it you smell like a 10 cent prostitute who loves baby powder.
  2. People who try to sell you shit all the time. Look lady, I do not need a tin o chocolate for 40 bucks!
  3. People who eat awful smelling foods…turns out vinegar/ass/garlic in your salad is in fact offensive.
  4. People who just freak the hell out when the printer jams or runs outta paper. This is not the apocalypse just deal with the shit.
  5. People who say “Happy Monday”.
  6. People whose laugh you can hear through out the entire building with your headphones on.
  7.  People who walk 100 mph with their heads down…trainwreck waiting to happen.
  8. People who say the word bathroom 100 times a day. We all don’t need a PSA you’re going to the bathroom.



One Comment
  1. I’d like to add on to #8…the person who “blows up” the bathroom and doesn’t use the spray. The spray is there for a reason…USE IT.

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