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Easy Lady….Easy

May 12, 2012

I have long wondered who the hell are these people with these loud  ass laughs? Not like your normal laugh, oh no these laughs can be heard over every other person in the room. You could be anywhere a restaurant, comedy club, office, church does not matter…there is always one jackass who laughs 10 octaves higher than everyone else. I guess these poor bastards have never noticed that they’re out laughing the room? To be honest it makes you feel uncomfortable if you do not get the joke, that is making Bob nearly piss his pants with hysterical madness.

Lets us talk about laughs for a moment shall we. Ladies if you have one of those spitting/snorting laughs, I highly recommend you stop that shit. Please do not pull out that trick on a first date…that maybe just one of the reasons why you don’t get a call back! I think there are bad laughs, I am sorry but I do. If you have a scary demon laugh that’s never a good thing. If you have a whisper type laugh that maybe just as bad. So I encourage you to take a hard look at your laugh today. If you’re the SOB in the movie theater that is out laughing kids at Shreck 4…get your shit under control. If you get red as hell from laughing over say 5  times a day…read this blog. If you find yourself laughing hard at movies that are not even funny, read this post. Let’s be honest here there is not a Jennifer Anniston movie in the world that is funny. Adam Sandler’s last decade of movies are not funny…so stop flipping the hell out with chuckles. There have been studies you know, reading this blog saves lives. How about we all try to stay in that comfortable zone and save some folks? That is the word amigos…stay thirtsy my friends.


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