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May 9, 2012

You guys or girls ever been watching a movie with a little kid, and just ever wanted to punch them in the face? Some of these damn kids actors drive me nuts, and have for years. I get that kids are in kid movies, but it’s the grown up movies with shitty kids that piss me off. You have seen these before a kid actors before, they come out and just set the world on fire and then they disappear. Does any one remember the Jerry Maguire kid? What is he up to? We all know these kids actors tend to fall off the map and become Lindsay Lohan when they get older. I am sorry, I blame the parents. These parents whore their own children out for a buck and I am stuck watching these turds for years. Every morning I have to hear about these former kid actors slow decent into middle class and lack of work options. The horror these poor kids must face being just another struggling actor, it just breaks my heart. Here is my list of the worst kid actors that I could never stand, chime in if you have any;)

  1. The chick from Poltergeist…they should have just killed off Carol Ann
  2. Haley Joel Osment…….the kid from The Sixth Sense…this lisspy bastard was all the rage in the 90’s
  3. Carl from The Walking Dead…SOB shot Shane and generally just gets other people killed.
  4. Any of the damn kids from Home Improvement.
  5.  Bald kid from The Last Airbender…I see a director trend here.
  6. Lindsay Lohan future Skelator porn star.
  7. The kid from Kindergarten Cop…a letterman jacket…really kid?
  8. The boy from the first Jurassic Park…think the name was Timmy?
  9. Harry Potter…the first couple movies were kinda bad be honest.
  10. Rocky V…sorry Rock your kid sucked!





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  1. The Sixth Sense was a thrilling film, though it sad you didn’t like the Kid’s performance. I think it was the the kid’s character but not his performance.

  2. Thanks for reading…I know I am in the minority on this one.

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