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Best Rap Group All Time

May 5, 2012

With the sad passing of MCA from the Beastie Boys yesterday, I felt it was time for another list. Today we will look at a 30-year-old white guys opinion on the greatest rap groups of all time. So forgive me if I leave out TRU and Goodie Mob. It’s not because, I do not know who they are…they just did not make the cut. I have been a fan of rap and hip hop for pretty much  2/3 of my life. I can tell you that rap has gotten pretty shitty these days compared to oh say 15 years ago. If you’re still one of those die-hard country fans and refuse to branch out, maybe this list will help you. So here is my list, the order may piss some people off but I tried to legitimately cover all the greats. Please remember these are groups…not callaborations or featurings! Post a comment let me know who I missed…RIP MCA:(

Note: If you don’t like rap music of any kind and you’re under 30…what happened? I guess 2 Live Crew and Ray J ruined it for everybody. Ray J kiss my ass…that is the word.

Top Rap Groups All Time

  1. Wu-Tang Clan
  2. NWA
  3. Outkast
  4. Bone Thugs and Harmony
  5. Run DMC
  6. Beastie Boys
  7. UGK
  8. A Tribe Called Quest
  9. Three Six Mafia
  10. Mobb Deep (Old albums only)

Honorable Mention…The Fugees( only 1 damn cd), Cypress Hill, Geto Boys,The Roots






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  1. The Roots take honorable mention!?!? What about Pharcyde? Pretty good list, though, if I may say so myself (from one highly opinionated person to another). I like that you managed to put Mobb Deep in there–a seriously ignored group.

  2. I know, I know The Seed 2.0 is almost enough to thrust them into the Top 10 alone…lol. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the blog. If your a fan of music I actually have a legtimate music blog . I cover all kinds of stuff and I am always glad to meet someone with good tastes in music:)

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