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The Last Round

May 2, 2012

So as I check the news tonight, I found two stories that I decided to post about. NFL Hall of Famer Junior Seau died today from an apparent suicide. Junior was a true legend in the NFL and was found dead at his home at the age of 43. Suicide is really no joke, it’s an act that irreversibly changes many lives. Then I read about J.T. Ready, who was a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi and he decided today was a good day to die too. Mr. Ready did not die with the same class as Junior…oh no. Mr. Ready decided he would kill 4 people including a toddler before turning the gun on himself. Why the hell do these gunmen always turn the gun on themselves once they have finished killing every other random person? I guess this is easy way out for cowards. You have balls enough to kill other people, but you refuse to man up for a harsh punishment. I guess a little prison bromance is worse than dying to these dudes. Law enforcement agents had been nervous about Ready, according to 2010 story by the AP, not just because he led a militia group that watched for immigrants crossing illegally into the United States, but because he was heavily armed and a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi. I for one find it strange that guys like this just get to go about their days. While one unlucky SOB that just so happens to look foreign, could end up in GITMO by day’s end. I guess the good ole boys always get the benefit of the doubt even in Arizona. I would love for someone to explain why a civilian needs a damn assault rifle to begin with anyways? Hey Mike “It’s our right”, well it’s also your right to put that same AK to your dome and die alone. So I guess my whole point is not about gun control, it is about bullet control. If you feel the need to kill yourself…just do that. There is no reason to kill innocent people in the whole process, pretty sure the 2-year-old that got killed today would have agreed.

This for protection from 2 year olds



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