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Get Your Nasty Feet Off The Dash;)

April 30, 2012

So as I drove home from Panama City Beach  today, I saw atleast a dozen nasty ass rednecks with their feet on the dash/outside the window. You all should know, if there is one thing I respect on this world, it’s another man’s car. If you can only teach your kids one rule in life, this is a pretty damn good one. Respect another man/womans car. Don’t park to close, don’t lean on it, don’t throw trash around, ask before smoking, ask before drinking, and never ever bitch about the music. Above all do not put your nasty ass feet outside my window. You say hey, “Mike I don’t care about your rules, I like hanging my feet outside the window its comfortable”.  There are only 2 explanations for people who chose to hang their feet outside a car while in motion.

Reason # 1

You have a really stinky ass and  privates. That is right your split/package constantly smells and the cool air aids in cooling down the flame.

Reason # 2

You want to call attention to yourself. Some folks think by hanging a leg out that in some way they look cool. You do not look cool, and I have never seen a good-looking guy or girl attempt this brazen act.  Think about it, when is the last time you saw a J-Lo type leg hanging outside a car?

So keep your nasty ass feet inside the car at all times. If you happen to own a Jeep and that has no doors, you get a pass but that is about it. I will also bet you that 1/2 the offenders that put their feet on the dash are riding in a Mustang. Pay attention the next time you see this, betcha it’s a Mustang! Let this video serve as a PSA…that is the word!




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