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New Music Tuesday?

April 25, 2012

So since I took the night off last night to watch TV and generally be lazy as hell. I knew that as your musical life coach, I forgot to provide tens of people with new good music. The guilt was killing me on the inside, so here we go! I got two bands for you kids tonight, Dead Sara and Jack White. Dead Sara is a relatively unknown band, and Jack White maybe one of the top 10 axe men of all time. Dead Sara is a kind of power rock group with a screaming Courtney Love type lead singer. Before you write them off, listen to this track called the Weatherman. They rock out pretty hard and I love the energy in this song. I know if I were a real weatherman, I would play this song before giving the masses the daily forecast….think of a wrestling type intro. What can I say about Jack White? I have been a fan since day one, this guy will be revered as a legend some day. The White Stripes were in my opinion the most important bands of the 2000’s, with Wilco a close second. Jack White does not disappoint on his first solo debut. The album Blunderbuss is like a mixed bag of treats. You will get some hard rock songs, some country, and of course some blues. I love the new album and the first two singles he has released so far. So check out the below videos and if Dead Sara gets huge…don’t say I did not tell you so!

On another side note…Music Midtown in Atlanta just announced that the Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam will headline this year’s festival. Tickets on sale this Saturday for the 2 day event (September 21, 22).



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One Comment
  1. Kim permalink

    Ha tens of people. The Jack White album is good times. I like “I’m Shakin” best off the bat so far.

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