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Turn It Down

April 23, 2012

I sadly still have cable, so I cannot accurately attest to how satellite TV works. Can some tech geek please tell me why local commercials are like 200 damn decibels louder than every other commercial? It never seems to fail, you’re watching TV and a local commercial for Shirley’s Accounting comes on….and a wall of sound just bitch slaps you. I always wondered if you just happened to have the TV on full tilt volume, what the hell would happen? I suppose your TV would just mute itself to keep from exploding…kind of like a kill switch. I hope most of you know of what I speak, and this post does not fall on deaf ears. If you happen to be deaf, you may consider opening lawsuit vs local commercial ads. The local car dealerships are the absolute worst volume offenders. You’re watching ESPN and all of a sudden the TV turns into a damn IMAX theater. Tell me has this ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten pissed and yelled at your spouse/kids immediately to turn the GD television down? This is the power of these shitty loud commercials. These commercials can make you go from happy to pissed in like 0.2 seconds. I guarantee in Alabama, some jack ass has a domestic violence charge on their record because of a damn Jimbo’s Shrimp Shack commercial. So if anyone has the answers please let me know what the hell the deal is.


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  1. Sorry Sir I do not trust Wikipedia. You also only have 1 TV, so I am not sure if you even know of what I speak;) Thanks for reading!!!

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