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Burn One Down For Me

April 15, 2012

So if you have a stoma, this will probably offend you. The CDC has these new shock commercials out featuring former smokers, who now have a stoma. These people are kind enough to give the rest of the smokers  some key “life stoma” tips. These ads are most likely paid for by your tax dollars, and they are used to obviously deter smoking.  I don’t smoke, and I personally try not to condemn people who do. If you choose to smoke, that decision is on you my friend. We all know smoking is bad…mum K. So I was thinking, what are some good stoma tips a non smoker could give to a person with a stoma. Imagine me flipping this commercial, directed at the people who have smoked themselves right into my livingroom. So here is a Top 5 list, for things not to do when you have a stoma.

Top 5 Things You Should Not Do If You Have A Stoma 

  1. Open a beer bottle with your stoma…nice party trick but try to avoid this;)
  2. Eat a foot long hotdog.
  3. Audition for American Idol…eventhough the talent level is probably the same.
  4. Avoid  areas with tons of birds…a stoma could appear as a bird house of sorts to certain winged critters.
  5. Avoid a career in porn;)



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  1. Hhaha this was great! That commercial is so dark and depressing.

  2. Thank You for reading. Not sure if you needed mouth to stoma as the commercial suggests, if there would be mant takers…lol.

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