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Alabama Shakes

April 14, 2012

So if I have seen you and talked to you lately, you would know I got a new favorite band. The band is from my great state of Alabama, every single member. The band is called the Alabama Shakes. They are led by Brittany Howard a soulful sounding 28-year-old chick. the band also includes a dude that looks like he could have been the long-lost Allman brother.(Salute to the GD Allman Brothers what a band) The music is just a good ole throw back. The Bama Shakes, as I call them will not win any beauty contests, that is for sure. If you long for quality tunes with meaningful lyrics and content that matters…check them out. Their style sounds like The White Stripes,CCR, and Irma Thomas all got together to cut an album. I am really feeling these kids and in an attempt to persuade you to let me be your musical life coach. I won’t waste this beautiful day, put these tracks on while you sip a cold one. Cheers!


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