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Ugliest Dudes On TV

April 9, 2012

As promised here is the equalizer. This is my top 10 list of the ugliest dudes on TV right now. This is a follow-up to my last post, just to show that I can be fair. I was not just hating on the ladies, I believe in equal opportunity ridicule.  Leave a comment, if you can think of any guys I may have missed.

  1. Steven Tyler…this guy simply looks like a meth head had sex with an ape long ago, and this my friends is the result,
  2. Lyle Lovett…once apon a time this horse faces mongrel was banging Julia Roberts…tip of the hat old man;)
  3. Gary the “Man Whale” from Teen Mom.
  4. Donald Trump…This man is proof positive that if you have money, you can always get attractive women to have sex with you.
  5. Amy Whinehouse…I still think it was a man, low blow I know, he is not on TV anymore.
  6.  Bud Selig…he is the “Commish” of baseball for all you no sport fans…and he is simply an ugly man. Funny how 30 mil per year can’t change a man’s looks.
  7. Newt Gingrich…maybe go get one of those janitorial jobs, you were preaching Newt, since you choked.
  8.  Gene Simmons…where to even start? The power of rock I guess folks.
  9. Jason Segel…funny guy
  10. Mike “The Situation”…looks kinda like Pauly Shore’s steroidal offspring.
  11. Randy Jackson…I am just not feeling it dawg!

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One Comment
  1. Kim permalink

    Dog the Bounty Hunter and all the men in that show, that punk rock exterminator guy on Discovery Channel, the Swamp People, the Alligator wranglers, the sasquatch chasers and all of the other inbred folks on whatever channel that junk comes on (a&e), Chris Burman of Espn, that corpse guy who is a commentator for college basketball (Hubie something), and Geraldo Rivera. Basically, there are more fugly men on television than unattractive women. Still kind of a double standard.

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